Terms and conditions:

Our terms and conditions are very straight forward and relate to the act of finding a broker, our responsibilities and your agreement to the negotiation and the actions needed by all parties to get you the best deal. Our terms and conditions are made as clear and as simple as possible.

Our Obligation To You:

1 - Be Smart Limited, it’s employees and agents (wherein known as the company), agree to provide a service to clients the company choses to represent, in finding suitable broker accounts based on or in part, to fit the requirements of that of the client, to the companies best possible ability.

2 - The company will only divulge the information of the broker name to the client, upon client receipt and perusal of the negotiated account detail from the company, the will then agree within 7 days of receipt to accept or decline in writing (be email) and then begin opening accounts with the new broker and moving deposits from one account to another, or opening a new account with the required deposit by the broker in question, offering the negotiated deal for the client.

3 - The company will provide every assistance possible within the companies ability and range to the client in the application and/or move of the account.

4 - The company does not at any time hold client funds or provide any form of depositing or holding account facility to clients.

5 - At all times the company will act in the interest of our clients and at no personal information identifying the client will be released to the broker, prior to any agreement of acceptance of the new account by the client.

Your Obligation:

6 - The client agrees to provide the required information as requested in the application form online and by further requests if required by email, telephone or mail to the company, to enable the company to negotiate on behalf of the client an account with a suitable broker.

7 - The client agrees that on receipt of the new account information received by the company, to provide an expedient review and decision within 7 days and to inform the company of their acceptance or decline within that period.

8 - The client agrees that if he/she accepts the new account, to open the account and deposit the funds stated in the application form as found on the company website ‘What will be your opening balance with the new broker we find:’

9 - The client agrees to open the account in accordance with the directions provided by the broker or by the company. For tracking purposes, this may include a reference used when calling the broker, or the use of a unique ‘clickable’ link web address provided by the broker, to the company, to supply to the client to begin the opening of the new account.

Failure to use the correct links, references, codes or what ever the broker and company provides to the client, may result in the account negotiated possibly rescinded.

10 - Those clients designated as ‘new or inexperienced traders’ by the company must be made aware, that accounts that are negotiated by the company for these clients, can only be negotiated in volume - brokers will not provide a bespoke account based on one application/client but on agreement of X number clients opening new accounts and providing the required deposit, therefore clients deemed by the company as above also agree to the following;>

a - that the new account offer is only available for a limited period and strictly based on the number of new accounts and amount of deposit agree by the company with the broker. There could be a difference between those that agree and those that do register, the client is to be made aware that the offer maybe withdrawn completely by the company or broker, if there is not sufficient uptake with the broker within a suitable period of time, from those that originally agreed to open an account. This may result in the accounts negotiated being reverted to standard trading accounts or closed completely if no deposits received in time.

b - the company can only provide a bespoke service to those under this section ‘new or inexperienced’ if they agree to open the account. Should the client, once agreeing, then not open the account, the company and broker are within their right to refuse application and any further, future representation of that client. The client is also advised that brokers do share information of clients who pose an issue for the broker, with other brokers. Therefore, failure to open an account or cause issue, may result in other brokers refusing to open accounts for the client.


11 - The company can not be held responsible for the broker refusing to open any account. Ultimately the onus is on the broker and the client agrees to the brokers terms and conditions outside that of the remit of the company. Should the client not meet criteria expected of any new account holder with the broker, the company can not be held accountable for any loss, in any respect to any amount that may result.

12 - The company only acts as a negotiator for the client with the brokers. We can not guarantee that we will find an account and we can not be held responsible for any future changes the broker makes to the clients account. This exceeds the remit of our ability to control the contract which the client has with the broker.

13 - The company can not be held responsible for any loss resulting from the clients decision to take the new account and obviously any loss resulting from any trading or otherwise, with the new account.

14 - All clients are expected to use their own ‘due diligence’ to decide whether the new account is suitable for them and their needs.

15 - The company provide an information service only, based on negotiation and information supplied by the client and used to negotiate with select brokers, on behalf of the client. The company can not be held responsible for loss or any errors or omissions made by the company, the client or the broker at any time.