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BeSmart was excellent in everyway imaginable. Super fast, free and just all around great to work with.

Jerry Hart

BeSmart surpassed my expectations. I could not be happier with their service.

Alice Wright

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BeSmart is a unique service that matches clients to brokers, based on a bespoke, professional and private matching service.

BeSmart Limited was formed in 2011 by Stu Whisson, trader and author of key training websites, online courses and books; The Insight Training course, previously marketed successfully for 8 years at www.insightsupport.com (original website closed, now links to new owner of content - see next link) and since sold the Insight course and the Masters Certificate in Technical Analysis to www.financial-spread-betting.com where you can get access to these courses for free. Stu decided to exit the training market, prior to the recession and subsequently concentrated on trading and other business interests. In 2010/11, he looked further at what issues traders faced and looked to address those. The key problem was of course education, which he addressed between 2003 to 2009. Now in 2011 and beyond, Stu Whisson aims to provide a bespoke solution for traders. The service is run by a small team of hand picked professionals, run in his home town of Shrewsbury, with a further satellite office in London. He initially provided this service to his own list of private educational clients over the years, but has now broadened the offer to any trader that wishes to use the services of BeSmart Limited.

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