Consulting services

BeSmart Limited is a free consultancy service used by new and experienced traders, to negotiate new accounts with brokers and facilitate the move for the client. The aim is to provide our clients with a service that is quick, easy and streamlined, which ultimately enables them to lower their transactional charges levied on their accounts when they execute trades. By using our contacts within the industry and acting proactively for all of our clients, we are able to negotiate bespoke brokering accounts with many of the leading and up and coming trading firms in the City of London and around the World.

There is no fee, there is no charge, we do not take a commission from you and at no point do we hold or have access to client (your) funds. Brokers pay us a small commission from their own fees or spreads, or sometimes it’s a simple single payment on each client we provide - this is our small payment for helping you get the account you want. Either way, we do not charge any of our clients fees, there is no obligation. You decide.

Our Clients

Our clients come from all backgrounds and span the globe. The service is free to all, whether a new trader or a old experienced trader. We will work for you, to enable you to get the best account for your needs.

Our Brokers

Brokers will work hard to win our clients, because they spend a fortune on advertising. They know our clients are serious, professional and many times experienced traders. This reduces the cost and ultimate compliance issues associated with new accounts and the subsequent risks for broker. The brokers dream, is to have a client, who makes money, so they (the broker) can keep receiving fees, spreads or commissions on each and every trade you make. This is their life line, they want you to be successful and therefore to get one of our clients, brokers will work hard to make that happen.

BeSmart Limited simply facilitates and negotiates between the trader and the broker. Everybody wins.
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Our advantages

  • Free consultancy service
  • New and experienced traders
  • Experienced negotiators
  • Quick, easy and streamlined