How It Works


1 - You fill out a simple form to request representation.
In this form, we require information that relates to you and your trading history and current trading account. This information enables us to figure out if we are able to help you or not. Because we only look to represent serious new and established traders, we do regularly turn down applications. Please don’t see this as any slight on your as a person. We have a strict representation policy and a high standard. However, if you are a new trader, please look at our unique service for new traders, as we have something unique there for you too.

2 - We approach our contacts within the industry.
Because we only represent traders that are serious and in many cases highly established. Brokers are very keen to know who we are representing and then look to work hard to gain our clients trust and business.

3 -We negotiate a better deal with a new, or even your existing broker.
Everyone is different and most trading accounts are not ideal for many traders. Therefore, we work hard to negotiate a unique deal with the brokers.

4 -We provide you with the results of negotiations with all the brokers.
We then present these broker offers to you, the trader, to decide which offer you would like to take.

5 -You have 7 days to decide whether you wish to accept or not - there is no obligation.
There is no obligation, charge or fee. However, we do require a decision of which broker, if any of them within 7 days of presenting you the information. This is our only requirement.

If we do find you a deal that you accept (remember there is no obligation), we manage the transition for you, from one broker to the other. Allowing you to continue to trade. Note: That we do not at any time hold any of your funds.
As soon as you decide which deal is best for you, we then arrange and manage the transition from one account to the other. We do this to make sure that there is little to no down time in your trading. We understanding fully that if you are unable to trade, you can’t make money. Therefore, the management process is key to the smooth running and continued and successful trading of all our clients.

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