Established Traders


Our service provides facilitates and manages the negotiation of bespoke broker accounts for our select clients. Primarily aimed at established traders, who already have an account and are wishing to see if it is possible to make more money, through saving money in fees, spreads and commissions with a new broker. Our service is free, there is no charge or commission and we do not at any time take or manage client funds.

BeSmart Limited have a strict entry requirement and each trader must apply before we can represent them. We do this, to make sure that we can help and further that our brokers know that we only provide them quality traders and therefore are willing to offer much more, than what would normally be publicly available.

We represent any traders for any market, from anywhere around the globe. If you are an experienced trader and wish to see if we can make you more money, by getting you a unique bespoke trading account, with a broker that is willing to work hard for you. Then please apply to join us today.

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