Bespoke Broker Matching

Bespoke Broker Matching is a service provided to private traders, that enables them to receive a unique service at researching and facilitating a brokering account, that is suited to the clients needs. BeSmart Limited specialise in the provision of this unique service, that enables traders to concentrate on trading, whilst BeSmart work hard on your behalf, without charge or obligation, to facilitate and arrange a replacement trading account, that saves you money, provides the services and products that you need, with support that is second to none. BeSmart Limited are not brokers, but act as a successful representative of our clients to brokers and work tirelessly to make sure our clients needs are matched with the perfect broker.

Brokers want to work with BeSmart Limited, because they know we have quality clients, who are looking to secure a trading account, that matches their needs. Brokers are keen to work hard to attain our clients and to make sure that you, as a trader are perfectly happy. We not only save the broker a lot of time and money, but provide them with the very thing they are desperate for - a quality trading client.

Through careful and successful negotiation on behalf of our trader clients, we work hard and press the brokers to provide our clients exceptional service, offers and reduced fees, spreads and commissions.

This service is ONLY available with BeSmart Limited. We work with new and established traders and look to provide a service that is free, secure, safe, reliable and much needed. If you want to be considered for us to represent you, then please click the ‘Apply’ button below.

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The process is simple:
  1. You fill out a simple form
  2. We approach our contacts within the industry
  3. We negotiate a better deal with a new, or even your existing broker
  4. We provide you with the results of negotiations with all the brokers
  5. You have 7 days to decide whether you wish to accept or not - there is no obligation.
  6. If you do, we manage the transition for you, from one broker to the other. Allowing you to continue to trade. Note: That we do not at any time hold any of your funds.